This Awesome Group Danced In Our Ponchos!

Earlier this week we shared a video (see full version below) of an amazing dance crew in Australia performing on the beach at North Curl Curl in none other than Dock & Bay ponchos! We absolutely loved it when we saw the video, and our ponchos are perfect too if you think about it. With sizes ranging from age 2 to adult, they fit each member of the dance crew, from adult to the youngest being 5-years-old!

We tracked down the man behind the video, the dance crew's choreographer Jet Valencia, to find out more about the dance life, how he became a finalist on Australia's Got Talent and working with Justin Bieber and Ciara! 

1. Tell us a little bit about how long you've been dancing for and why you got in choreography.

Dancing has been always a passion for me and my team. I've been in the dancing industry for over a decade now since I first fell in love with the art form and haven't stopped since. I started out as a freestyle dancer and found it easy to express my emotions through dance; I then moved onto choreography to keep challenging myself and develop my skill. I get a huge buzz thinking of ways to create a specific routine to truly connect with a song. When music and movement get together, it’s always magic.

2. You appeared on Australia's Got Talent in 2012 choreographing the dance routine for Kookies N Kream. Tell us about the experience, was it nerve-wracking?

Being in Australia’s Got Talent had to be the best experience that my team has ever had. At first it was nerve-wracking as you’re pitted against the best talent in the country, and not just dancers but every art form imaginable. We soon realised that to do well is to be yourself. The sooner we realised that, the better we became!

3. We loved the dance routine you created in our ponchos! How was it dancing and doing those flips on the beach at North Curl Curl?

OMG that routine mixed with those insane ponchos and the beach backdrop was bound to be epic. It wasn’t easy flipping in the sand but it did help that the ponchos were very loose so we could easily move in them.

4. Do you have any tips for budding dancers wanting to turn their love of dance into a career?

Do it! If you love it, pursue it and make sure to work hard and be awesome at it. Life’s too short to follow someone else’s dream. It won’t be easy but we've only got one life so you have to do what makes you happy.

5. Your dance groups have toured with the likes of Justin Bieber, Ciara and Ryan Leslie, as well as competing in the World Hip Hop Championships in the U.S. last year. Congratulations! What’s it like being on tour?

Throughout our years of dancing, we’ve been very blessed to travel to different countries doing what we love. The best part is that you get to travel with your friends, which is also handy because there’s always one person in the team who gets lost in the airport, never arrives on time, or loses their wallet! At the end of the day, being on tour with your family and doing what you love just feels like a holiday, what more could you wish for?

See the full video here and check out our beach ponchos too! Now available in six awesome colours in child sizes 2-4 and 4-7, plus adult sizes medium and large.